The US must reexamine its relationship with Azerbaijan and Turkey – Rep. Adam Schiff (video)

Los Angeles stands in solidarity with Armenia and the people of Artsakh as they face continued attacks from Azerbaijan, Rep. Adam Schiff told a press conference at Los Angeles City Hall today.

“The American people must understand what’s at stake when the people of Artsakh are being murdered, when civilian areas are being targeted by Azerbaijani bombs and artillery, all with the help of Turkey – it threatens all of our freedoms,” he said.

“This conflict must cause us reexamine our relationship with both Turkey and Azerbaijan. If an ally of the United states is recruiting fighters from Syria to encourage further bloodshed and murder of civilians, what kind of ally are they in NATO or otherwise?” the lawmaker said.

“And so we must speak out. We must bring an end to this conflict and suffering by bringing all the pressure we can to bear on Azerbaijan and their Turkish sponsors, and we must ensure that the United States never again gives Azerbaijan or Turkey reason to believe they can commit such acts of violence with impunity,” Rep. Schiff said.

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