Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem calls on Netanyahu to stop arms sale to Azerbaijan

In a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, has urged to stop arms sale to Azerbaijan

His Excellency Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

Your Excellency,

At this time it is very sad to write to you regarding Israel’s involvement in support of Azerbaijan’s aggressive policy against peaceful Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh. This mountainous region of Caucasus for decades has been an endless war zone between Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh-Armenia.

And remember Mr. Prime Minister that Nagorno-Karabakh historically was part of Armenia until the day when Stalin decided to give it with Nakhichevan, another Armenian region, to Soviet Azerbaijan. However, we understand for Israel to have fair and friendly ties with Azerbaijan, but not to the extent of supplying the aggressor with modern war equipment to further encourage Azerbaijan to disturb the fragile peace they have.

However, acting militarily in favor of Azerbaijan to flare up the war in the region is surely indicates that Israel is against for the success of the stale peace process to succeed. Further, Israel’s present stand ironically indicates that Israel has an unfavorable attitude towards Armenia and the Armenian people who experienced the First Genocide of the 20th century.

No need to remind you, Mr. Prime Minister, of the sufferings of your people through genocidal and pogrom systematic plans. Today two nations, namely, Turkey and Azerbaijan, are destined together to wipe out Armenians from their homeland and, sadly, your country aggressively helping them to achieve their united goal.

Truly Jews claim that they have the right to exist, yet your country actively deny the rightful existence of Armenians by siding with Azerbaijan for destruction. It is clear that god-chosen people are acting ungodly. Where is the morality of this episode? Should economic or social benefits of nations override peoples’ conscience, humane attitude and fair judgment?

Therefore, we ask you, as a knowledgeable peace-seeking politician, with your expertise to help establish peace between Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh, but not further ignite war and animosity between these two nations. Let your conscience be your judge. We believe that honest and sincere actions would result our expectations.

We sincerely pray for peace to be established here in this country and abroad. May the Lord of Peace guide you and keep you healthy to achieve your God-pleasing efforts for the benefit of humanity.

With blessings,

Archbishop Nourhan Manougian
Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem

CC: His Excellency Mr. Benny Gantz, Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister of the State of Israel
His Excellency. Mr. Yariv Levin, Speaker of the Knesset
His Excellency. Mr. Gabi Ashkenazi, Foreign Affairs Minister of the State of Israel

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