Turkey’s presence in NATO must be questioned: Francois Hollande attends pro-Armenian rally in Alfortville

François Hollande, the former President of France, responded to the invitation of the mayor of Alfortville Luc Carvounas to participative in a rally condemning the Turkish-Azerbaijani offensive against Artsakh, Le Parisien reports.

“A step has been taken with the bombing of civilian populations,” François Hollande stated. We end up with a war to conquer a territory. Turkey’s presence in NATO must be questioned,” Hollande stated.

“Does Erdogan still have his place in NATO?” Luc Carvounas said, in turn. “No!”answered the angry crowd.

“I welcome the initiative of the mayor of Alfortville to organize this rally for peace in Nagorno Karabakh. This war has been killing soldiers and many civilians for eight days. France, with Russia and the US must impose a ceasefire and the resumption of dialogue,” Hollande said in a Twitter post.

Nearly 700 people took part in a rally of support to Armenia in “the most Armenian city in France” this Sunday.”

The wish of all the demonstrators was obviously to call on France to get more involved in the conflict to help the Armenians.

 In 2017, a friendship charter was signed Alfortville and the town of Berdzor located in Artsakh. 

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