Serious peace talks possible when terrorists and Turkey leave this region – Armenian PM

Serious talk of a peaceful resolution will be possible when the terrorists and Turkey leave this region together with their goals, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with France24.

“Civilization cannot but prevail and the will to live, the people with right to live cannot but prevail. There is no doubt that the Armenian people, which have been living on planet earth for several thousands of years, have the will to live,” the Prime Minister stated.

Reporter – Perhaps you would like to say something to the people of Azerbaijan, who also have their will to live.

Asked what he would tell the people of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister said: “There is only thing I can say to the people of Azerbaijan. Ask yourselves to what extent you know the truth about your own people, about your own government, about their wealth, about their transactions and about their objectives.”

“I think that the people of Azerbaijan are hostage to a dictatorial government. Armenians have always been a convenient enemy image for Aliyev’s dictatorial rule. For him to be able, with that, to bypass the problems of democracy, freedom, human rights, and freedom of expression,” Nikol Pashinyan stated.

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