The ghost of the Ottoman Empire should not be allowed to return – Armenian President

Armenia is facing cyber threat every day and not only from our neighbor Azerbaijan, but also from Turkey, which is NATO member, President Armen Sarkissian said in his opening remarks at the CYBERSEC2020 international cybersecurity conference.

Unfortunately, this virtual threat is becoming more and more material one, the President said.

“Probably you’ve heard that there’s a conflict on the borders of Nagorno Karabakh launched by Azerbaijan on Sunday. Unfortunately I have to declare that NATO member Turkey is fully supporting now Azerbaijan through its electronic drones – through cyber-attacks. But it’s not only that. Turkey is supporting Azerbaijan also through their personnel, advisers, mercenaries and also with their F-16s,” President Sarkissian stated.

“For every Armenian living worldwide that’s sort of a return of the ghost. Why I say ghost, because that’s the ghost of the Ottoman Empire, that 105 years ago masterminded the Armenian Genocide. There’s no way that we can allow that this genocide happen again,” he added.

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