One should not speak to Armenia in the language of force and threat – PM

One should not speak to Armenia in the language of force and threat, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol PAshinyan said at a meeting with an Artsakh National Assembly delegation headed by Speaker Artur Tovmasyan.

“You know that, unfortunately, the situation in the region is quite tense. In fact, we have a task to make the negotiation process effective, it is very important to record what hinders the effectiveness of that process. Recently, the Azerbaijani leadership has been trying to accuse us of aborting the talks, with the logic that we have made statements that make the talks meaningless,” Pm Pashinyan stated.

He emphasized that the position of Armenia and Artsakh is very constructive. Pashinyan noted that after assuming the post of Prime Minister of Armenia, he made an unprecedented statement in our reality, the whole history of the conflict in general by saying that “any solution to the Artsakh issue must be acceptable to the people of Armenia, the people of Azerbaijan and the people of Artsakh,” anticipating an equivalent response among the Azerbaijani leadership, which would provide a breakthrough in the negotiations.

However, he noted, Azerbaijan’s only response was that the Karabakh issue could be solved exceptionally within the framework of Azerbaijani’s territorial integrity.

According to him, the statement actually means that Azerbaijan is proposing a formula of solution that will see a return to the status quo of 1988.

“So the question is, how can a conflict be resolved by going back to its roots? In other words, it is illogical that any conflict can be resolved by returning to the situation of its origin. In other words, this means starting a new conflict rather than solving it,” the Prime Minister stated.

He called it an illogical and non-constructive approach. He further emphasized that Azerbaijan puts unilateral concessions at the basis of conflict settlement.

“We have said from the very beginning that one should not speak to Armenia in the language of force or threat. It’s pointless, because you can’t talk to us like that. We have been trying to present this position for a long time – in person, remotely and publicly. And many people thought that this was just rhetoric, but the events of July showed that what we are saying is 100% true. And in the same way, I advise not to continue the same logic, because the same logic will lead to the same backlash,” He stated.

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