TUMO Box ready to welcome teenagers in Berd community

TUMO Box is ready to welcome teenagers in Berd community.

Registration for the very first TUMO Box has begun. Anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 can now become a TUMO student and begin the education right on the spot.

These mobile mini-TUMOs are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable learning experience.

Registration is open on TUMO’s website.

  • The TUMO Box is a portable, low-cost, technically equipped mini TUMO.
  • It provides young people from remote, rural communities with access to the TUMO curriculum.
  • The TUMO Box will provide roughly 320 teens a year with education in technology and design.
  • Students in Berd and surrounding areas will complete self-learning activities in Berd before they begin workshops and labs at TUMO Dilijan.
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