Flights from Riga to Yerevan will resume in May 2021 – Ambassador

lights from Riga to Yerevan will resume in May 2021, Armenia’s Ambassador to Latvia Tigran Mkrtchyan said in an interview with Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze

The Ambassador noted that while the ban on foreign nationals entering Armenia by plane has been lifted since 12 August, “a visit to Armenia should perhaps be scheduled a little later, starting in May 2021, when Air Baltic flights will be resumed.”

Amb. Mkrtchyan named the five most interesting tourist attractions that travelers from Latvia should definitely see.

Romans KOKŠAROVS, F64 Photo Agency

Echmiadzin Cathedral in Vagarshapat

Anyone visiting Armenia should see the Echmiadzin Cathedral, the largest surviving Christian church in the world, built in 301. There are also other notable churches, museums and places related to Christian history.

Lake Sevan

Sevan is the largest lake in Armenia and one of the largest alpine lakes in the world, located almost 2000 m above sea level. Lake Sevan should be visited not only in summer, when you can refresh yourself after a hot summer day, but at any time of the year, even to taste Armenian trout.

Khor Virap Monastery

It is one of the pilgrimage destinations in Armenia. The holy mountain of Ararat is best seen from Khor Virao. St. Gregory the Illuminator, the first Armenian to preach the Christian faith, was imprisoned in this place for 13 years.

Tatev and Gehard Monasteries

 It has the world’s longest (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) aerial tramway (5.7 km). Not far from Yerevan is the complex of the Gehard Monastery (10th – 13th centuries), which dates back to the 4th century, when a sanctuary was created at a spring in a cave, as well as the ruins of the Garni Temple. Garni is an ancient temple of Zoroastrianism, which was built two thousand years ago. In the 4th century, when Armenia adopted Christianity, all other pagan temples were demolished, but the Garni Temple survived until the 17th century, when it collapsed during a major earthquake. Later, the temple was restored and restored, and today it is probably the only Greek and Roman antique style building that has survived in Armenia.


The capital of Armenia is home to the country’s most important museums, architectural and historical monuments, and entertainment venues. There is a fantastic nightlife with world-class jazz clubs. Of the many and truly outstanding museums in Yerevan, a unique place is the Museum of Ancient Manuscripts or Matenadaran.

On the other hand, for those Latvians who still remember Armenia as one of the highest quality cognac producers in the world, I can whisper in confidence that Armenia has started to produce an equally excellent dry red wine that can compete with the best wines in the world. The winemakers of the Armenian diaspora from Argentina, Lebanon and other countries returned to Armenia and in thirty years have developed a truly outstanding viticulture industry. While it is still quite problematic to go on a real trip to Armenia, I offer to feel the smell and atmosphere of Armenian mountains, valleys and rivers, tasting a sip of good Armenian red wine or cognac.

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