Brazil footballer Ronaldinho released in Paraguay

Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho has been released from house arrest in Paraguay after his detention for holding a forged passport, the BBC reports.

The World Cup winner and his brother spent one month behind bars and another four detained in a luxury hotel in the capital Asuncion on bail.

Both have now been released, although they must pay $200,000 in damages between them.

Ronaldinho had a glittering football career before his retirement in 2015.

He helped Brazil to their fifth World Cup victory in 2002 and won the Champions League and two La Liga titles with Spanish football club Barcelona, as well as playing for Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan.

In March he and his brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira – who is also his business manager – were detained after allegedly using fake passports to enter Paraguay.

Ronaldinho was travelling to the country to promote a campaign for underprivileged children. He spent his 40th birthday in a Paraguayan prison before the pair paid bail and moved to a luxury hotel under house arrest.

Prosecutors did not think the footballer had any role getting the false passports, but they believed his brother knew they were fake. Both however have maintained their innocence.

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