Armenians in Cyprus condemn Azerbaijani provocations

Representatives of the Armenian community of Cyrus gathered at the Armenian genocide Memorial in Nicosia on Wednesday to condemn Azerbaijan;s provocations against Armenia.

“With the criminal and ongoing support of Turkey and ignoring the emergency situation with the 30.000 cases of coronavirus in their country and 37.000 cases in Armenia, Azerbaijan continued hostilities against Armenia for more than two weeks in a cowardly way, using artillery and drones,”  said Vartkes Mahdessian, Armenian MP in the Cyprus Parliament

He expressed gratitude to political parties, the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Dimitris Syllouris, MEP Lucas Fourla, politicians in Greece and other countries moved for their full support shown to the Armenian people.

′′ I would also like to express my appreciation to the Armenian National Committee of Cyprus and Diaspora for the campaign they took to inform the cultural world in various countries,” he added.

He voiced hope that word powers would not stay apart and would intervene to restore the status quo and consolidate peace. “Only if logic rector and geopolitical interests are put aside will law prevail,” the MP stated.

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