EU, UNICEF to reallocate €600,000 towards Armenia’s COVID-19 response

EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin and Tanja Radocaj, UNICEF Armenia Country Representative, have signed an agreement to reallocate €600,000 towards COVID-19 response.

These COVID-19 response activities will be invested in ensuring a better understanding of needs of vulnerable families in rural areas and providing them psycho-social support, ensuring a safe re-opening of rural kindergartens and prevention, extend information campaigns to rural Armenia, create an online sales platform for small-scale souvenir and handicraft producers, support to finalizing the online App “Safe You” to assist women at risk of domestic violence, support to documentation of labour rights, violations as well as engagement of youth in identification of solutions to COVID-19 challenges.

Earlier this year, a joint 3-year EU-UN project “Future Today: Empowering women, youth and children for deepening democracy in Armenia” with a total budget of €3.2 million was launched. The project will promote modern and safe kindergartens, empower youth and provide them with 21st century skills, strengthen open government and innovative citizens-government relations as well as promote more gender equality around housework and in rural Armenia.

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