Armenia’s Consulate General in LA condemns vandalism at San Francisco school

The Consulate General of Armenia in Los Angeles has expressed its deep concern in regard to the act of vandalism that took place at Krouzian-Zekarian Armenian School and its adjacent Armenian Community Center in San Francisco on July 23.

Azerbaijani graffiti was plastered all over the exterior walls of the building.

“The vandalism at educational institution testifies toward the fact that the Armenian community of California has become a victim of a hate crime apparently organized by the Azerbaijanis. The Consulate General of Armenia in Los Angeles strongly condemns the act of vandalism and manifestation of hatred directed at the Armenian educational institution and the entire Armenian Community of the Bay Area,” the Consulate General said.

The Consulate General of Armenia expresses hope that law enforcement will duly investigate, reveal and punish its perpetrators. The Consulate General of Armenia takes note of the rapid reaction of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin through Twitter expressing his outrage about the incident.

“Someone vandalized the Armenian school/community center. I’m outraged. This is totally inconsistent with San Francisco values. It is also a CRIME. We are working with San Francisco Police Department to investigate. We stand with our Armenian brothers and sisters,” he said.

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