Rep. Costa condemns Azerbaijani attacks, callas for expanded Armenia assistance

Congressman Jim Costa has condemned Azerbaijan’s recent attacks against Armenia and called for expanded Armenia assistance and continued Artsakh demining aid.

“I rise today to call attention to the escalating violence that’s occurring on the Armenian border. Beginning July 12, as soldiers approached the border, a place that’s been one of contention, and opened fire on Armenian civilian. Since then, the conflict, sadly, escalated. The forces have been indiscriminate in attacking Armenian schools, factories, factories producing personal protective equipment that are essential during this pandemic. Azerbaijan must be held accountable,” Rep. Costa said.

“In the midst of this pandemic, where supplies and resources are already stretched, it’s critical now more than ever that we work towards peace. We must re-evaluate the U.S. security assistance to Azerbaijan immediately. As well as increase aid to Armenia to counter this aggression. In the appropriations bill yesterday, a $20 million augmentation was made to the country of Armenia. I urge my colleagues to support that and to urge immediate action condemning Azerbaijan’s disgraceful actions,” the Congressman added.

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