British newspaper presents Artsakh as a fast-developing tourism destination

The British “Kensington Chelsea & Westminster London” newspaper in its July-August issue has published an article about Artsakh, the Embassy of Armenia in the UK informs.

The Republic of Artsakh is presented as a fast developing tourism destination that attracts travelers and ensures a fascinating and extraordinary experience.

The article notes seven reasons why it’s necessary to visit Artsakh:

Wildlife and peace

Discover the unspoiled nature of Artsakh – the pure air, thick forests, high mountains, and turbulent rivers that shape this fascinating nature.

In touch with antiquity

Artsakh is a land of ancient monuments spread all over the country. The architecture of Artsakh started developing in pre-Christian times.

Gastronomic pleasure

Traditional Artsakh cuisine consists of various dishes for every taste, Local products are environmentally friendly and incredibly tasty.

A doze of adrenaline

Taking into account the distinctiveness of the local nature, Artsakh is a real paradise for fans of outdoor activities, offering climbing, mountaineering, fishing, hiking and horseback riding, flights on airplanes, bike trips and tours on SUVs.

Get a blast of positive emotions

One more thing that distinguishes Artsakh from other travel destinations is the incredible hospitality of ts residents.

Dive into rural life

Artsakh is an attractive place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Feel the spirit of the holiday

Exciting festivals and celebrations are held throughout the year in Artsakh, which are an excellent opportunity to get to know the traditions and culture.

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