Armenian government approves changes to the Law on the legal regime of the state of emergency

The Armenian Government today gave a green light to amendments in the Law on the legal regime of the state of emergency and the Code of Administrative  Offences. The draftս will now be forwarded to the National Assembly.

The importance of amendments stems from the need to establish a unified system of healthcare management ւնդեռ the state of emergency and to effectively solve emerging problems.

The draft proposes authorizing a state body to exercise management of all medical care institutions regardless of ownership (except for the military medical institutions of the Ministry of Defense) within the scope of powers defined by the decision on declaring a state of emergency.

If the draft is adopted, under the state of emergency medical care and services to the population will be organized in accordance with the orders and recommendations of the authorized state body, non-fulfillment of which will cause appropriate responsibility for the medical staff.

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