Compliance with three primary safety rules should be a matter of daily responsibility – PM

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says any citizen can help curb the COVID-19 death toll without infecting or being infected. People simply need to abide by the prescribed safety rules.

“Unfortunately, our main strategic problem has not yet been solved, and the primary strategic task is to learn to live along with the coronavirus. What does it mean in practice? Each of us should try to organize our daily life in such a way as not to infect others or get infected,” the Prime Minister told a daily briefing today

Nikol Pashinyan noted that this problem has not yet been resolved, so new cases of coronavirus infection are being recorded day by day. “Yesterday, for example, we had 515 new cases. This means that we will have 10 deaths. Fortunately, most of the citizens are recovering, in quite a lot of them this disease proceeds without any symptoms, but each of us should understand that by increasing these positive statistics, he will doom someone to death,” the Head of Government said.

The Premier said that on June 30, 2,697 citizens were fined for not complying with the anti-epidemic rules, of which 2,166 – for not wearing masks. “We have noticed that compliance with the anti-epidemic rules is poor in public transport; 431 administrative penalties were imposed in public transport,” Nikol Pashinyan said, emphasizing that all citizens should ask themselves every day what they did to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Compliance with three primary safety rules should be a matter of daily responsibility. These rules tell us to wear a mask, abide by social distancing and regularly disinfect hands,” the Premier concluded.

Nikol Pashinyan presented statistical data on the health status of patients suffering from COVID-19. 10,900 persons are actually under treatment; 2106 are in hospitals; 536 patients in serious condition, the state of 117 is critical 1,730 patients are diagnosed with pneumonia.

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