Step Towards Home: Educational program for Diaspora youth goes virtual

The educational program “Step Towards Home” for youth and adolescents from the Diaspora, will result in a unique visit to Armenia this summer. The virtual program will be held from August 3rd-28th in two stages, which will include courses in the Armenian language and history, virtual visits, interactive discussions, debate club, educational games, meetings with cultural and arts leaders and more.

Individuals from the Armenian Diaspora aged 12-18 can participate in the online program and the deadline for applications is July 20th. The program will be held in 2 stages, and will include the following:

– Armenian language lessons,
– History lessons,
– Virtual visits to communities (in Armenia and the Diaspora),
– Interactive discussions,
– Debate club,
– Educational games,
– Meetings with cultural figures,
– Meetings with former program participants,
– Workshops,
– Community projects.

Diaspora youth will be given the opportunity to connect with their homeland by learning about its rich history and culture, its language, and getting to know local youth.

The deadline to apply is July 20th, 2020.

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