Italy’s La Scala theater to reopen after four-month shutdown

Milan’s La Scala theater is reopening next week with a series of four concerts, according to news agency Associated Press.

Concerts by a small number of artists will be held on 6, 8, 13 and 15 July, in front of a reduced audience of 600 people. The 13 July concert will feature recent graduates of La Scala’s academy, while its final event will host the La Scala Philharmonic orchestra.

“I think for many music lovers, the time has come to return to hearing live music, even if the means are reduced,” said general manager Dominique Meyer.

Concert-goers will have to wear protective masks while entering and exiting the historic theater, but can take them off once seated. No intermissions are planned for the events, and snack bars will be closed to prevent people from forming queues. The concerts and other future events will be streamed online.

Plans for full-scale operas are currently on hold due to public health measures in Italy. But in September, La Scala has arranged for a performance of Verdi’s Requiem in Milans Duomo theater to commemorate those who’ve died from coronavirus. It will also host a recital of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on 5 September.

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