Tenure of Armenian Constitutional Court Chairman to be terminated

New amendments to the Constitution will see the tenure of the Chairman of Armenia’s Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan terminated.

The bill drafted by the parliamentary majority passed unanimously with 89 votes in favor.

The judges who have not yet completed a term of office of 12 years will stay in office until completion of this term, while the tenure of the judges who have already served a term of 12 years will be terminated.

As soon as the amendments to Article 213 come into force, the tenures of Constitutional Court judges Alvina Gyulumyan, Feliks Tokhyan and Hrant Nazaryan will be suspended, while the current President of the Court Hrayr Tovmasyan will continue to serve as member (judge) of the Constitutional Court.

It was earlier planned to hold a referendum on Constitutional amendments, but it was cancelled because of the state of emergency declared due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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