New French medical mission due in Armenia next week

New group of French doctors will arrive in Armenia next week, team leader of the first French mission, Professor Alexandre Mignon told a press conference today.

He said there were no ethnic Armenians in the first group, but the second mission will include a number of Diaspora Armenian specialists.

“It was an honor for us to be hosted in Armenia and try to help fight Covid-19. We are flattered by the warm welcome. We tried to help and share our experience as much as possible,” Alexandre Mignon said.

“None of the doctors in my ten-member mission was Armenia, but they demonstrated a very Armenian approach, and I think any of them has a drop of Armenian blood,” the Professor said.

He reiterated that commitment to anti-epidemic rules is fundamental for beating the disease.

“Out of 100 new cases, 15 will be in hospital, five will be in intensive care, two of them will die. This is the dynamics,” the doctor said.

Mr. Mignon said he was impressed by all doctors he met in Armenia.  

“They are tired, nearly exhausted, but they continue to work round the clock in solidarity,” he stated.

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