No gas price hike for ordinary consumers in Armenia

The gas price will remain unchanged for customers, after the Public Services Regulatory Commission voted unanimously today to set new gas tariffs.

In an application submitted to the Commission on April 1 Gazprom Armenia suggested raising the tariff from $255 to $283, while the Commission offered to set the price at $266,71.

At the same time Gazprom Armenia offered to set the same price for all consumers, while the Commission suggests maintaining the existing differentiation and continue to view greenhouses, processing companies and socially vulnerable families as separate consumer groups.

According to the Commission’s decision, consumers will continue to pay 139 AMD per 1 cubic meter of gas, and the vulnerable groups will pay 100 AMD, if the consumption does not exceed 600 cubic meters.

Large consumers including TPPs will pay 135.909 AMD instead of the current 139 AMD if the consumption is below 10,000 cubic meters. If they consume more, the price will rise to $255,91 per 1,000 cubic meters.

Greenhouses will pay $ 224 per 1,000 cubic meters during the heating season, from November 1 to March 1, instead of the current $212.

The new gas tariff will come into force on July 19, 2020.

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