Armenian Health Ministry warns against using Dexamethasone without prescription

The Armenian Ministry of Health has warned against using Dexamethasone without prescription.

The Ministry has received reports on increased sales of the drug after UK announced that the cheap, widely-available steroid was shown to reduce deaths among Covid-19 patients on ventilators and on oxygen.

UK started to use the treatment for seriously ill hospital patients with Covid-19 from Wednesday.

“It’s up to the doctor to decide the appropriateness of the use of the drug and the dosage based on clinical symptoms, severity of the disease and contraindications.” the Health Ministry said.

It reminded that drugs containing dexamethasone are registered as prescription drugs, moreover, they have a depressant effect on the immune system, as a result of which the hidden infections can become more active or the existing infections can be aggravated.

“Therefore, the use of drugs containing dexamethasone without the doctor’s prescription can damage a person’s life and health,” the Ministry said, urging to refrain from self-medication and to follow the doctor’s instructions during the treatment of the disease.

In an interview with Public Radio of Armenia Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said “taking dexamethasone without prescription is equal to unintended suicide.”

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