US Department of State: Armenia met the minimum requirements of fiscal transparency in 2020

The US Department of State has listed Armenia among the states that met the minimum requirements of fiscal transparency in 2020.

The Department’s fiscal transparency review process assesses whether governments meet minimum requirements of fiscal transparency.  For the purpose of this report, the minimum requirements of fiscal transparency include having key budget documents that are publicly available, substantially complete, and generally reliable. 

2020 Fiscal Transparency Report reviews governments that were originally identified in the 2014 Fiscal Transparency Report and Equatorial Guinea.  It assesses those that did not meet the minimum fiscal transparency requirements and indicates whether those governments made significant progress toward meeting the requirements during the review period of January 1 – December 31, 2019.

According to the report, Armenia’s neighbors Georgia and Turkey also met the minimum requirements, while Azerbaijan failed to meet the minimum requirements. No data is available about Iran and Russia.

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