Individual behavior key to overcoming the crisis – PM

Individual behavior is key to overcoming the coronavirus, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told a daily briefing today.

He said the Commandant’s Office today discussed the options of imposing total lockdown, curfew or banning most types of economic activity.

“Before taking one of these decisions, we must be confident they will help solve our problems. We assume we should reach the peak of the disease by the end of June, but there is no data to prove this. No one can assure that the peak will come in late June, and not in October, December or February 2021. As we can see, the coronavirus infection continues around the world with different dynamics, at different rates and, consequently, there are many uncertainties in this regard,” the Prime Minister said.

Pashinyan stressed that he sees the change in individual behavior as the main solution.

According to the Prime Minister, the fact that no decision has been made today on curfew and return to restrictions does not mean the decision will not be made tomorrow. Nikol Pashinyan called on everyone to start a mass anti-epidemic movement in Armenia, which will mean that we establish control not only on the individual behavior, but also the behavior of our environment.

“Our task today is to support our healthcare system. Our healthcare system works wonders today. People return to life from a state of despair. Our task is to ensure that the capacity of the health care system is not exhausted,” he said.

“Of course, we are developing these capacities, the government will spare no effort to develop these capacities, but on the other hand, the individual behavior of each of us is the anti-epidemic movement, which must overcome this uncertain situation. I do believe it is possible to turn mountains upside down by the behavior of the citizens of Armenia, “Nikol Pashinyan stated.

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