Renovation of Armenian Patriarchate Road in Jerusalem nearing completion

The renovation works of the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate Road, undertaken by the Jerusalem Municipality.

When renovation works started this year after Armenian Christmas, the Jerusalem Municipality did its utmost to enable access to the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate- even though parts of the road were closed off at times.

The project of renovation of the Armenian Patriarchate Road included much more than improvement of the road only, and old infrastructure such water, sewage, communications, electricity and lighting have been replaced by modern infrastructure. This enormous project cost around 30 million shekels.

The Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Moshe Lion said “we are accelerating the pace of infrastructure construction in the city and taking advantage of this less busy time to advance the timetables of projects and expected work in the city as much as possible.”

The renovation has almost come to an end. The final stage of the works are taking place at the moment. Until the 4th of June, between 20.00 PM and 05.00 AM the Armenian Patriarchate road will be closed from the David Citadel near the Jaffa Gate to the Zion Gate; as well as Batei Mahase St. will be closed from the Jewish Quarter towards the Western wall.

Pedestrians however can pass at all times.

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