Germany to reopen borders on June 15

Germany will start relaxing border controls with at least three countries on Saturday. The government hopes these borders will be completely open by June 15, Deutsche Welle reports.

Germany will begin easing its border controls with France, Switzerland and Austria on Saturday, according to German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. Border controls will remain in place, but only random checks will be carried out.

Additionally, all border crossings between these countries will be reopened, rather than selected ones at present. The use of spot checks should ease traffic jams for commuters over the border, who have been allowed to cross.

Unrestricted crossings between these neighboring countries will be allowed by June 15.

He said the borders will be closed again if the health situation deteriorates. He said he would consider opening borders with Denmark on the same date. 

The border with Luxembourg will be completely open by Saturday, Seehofer said. 

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