Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid test players for Covid-19

Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid stars are being tested for Covid-19 as Spanish football pushes towards return to action, The Daily Mail reports.

Spanish football is anticipating at least 30 cases of coronavirus among its players, but will not allow professionals testing positive to derail its operation to restart the season in the middle of next month.

Only players who test positive will be quarantined and the four phases of testing, solitary training, group training, and full-squad training will go ahead.

Some players have expressed concerns over the safety of their return to action and Eibar’s squad issued a statement on Tuesday saying they feared catching the virus while playing and passing it on to loved ones.

LaLiga president Javier Tebas responded by telling players: “There is more risk going to the chemist than there is going to training.”

Tebas did say he understood concerns and added: “We are taking many precautions for a very safe and controlled return.”

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