Boston billboards raise awareness about Armenian Genocide

 The Armenian community of greater Boston has purchased three billboards, placed near Interstate highway exits and off the Massachusetts Turnpike, in order to raise awareness about Armenian Americans’ nationwide “America We Thank You” fundraising campaign supporting Feeding America’s efforts to provide sustenance to food insecure Americans in response to the devastating ramifications of COVID-19, the Armenian Assembly of America reports.

Over 5 million meals were secured thanks to efforts spearheaded by the southern California-based Armenian Genocide Committee, the Unified Young Armenians, and the United Armenian Council of Los Angeles.

“This is an amazing example of our community at work, seeing our best and brightest here in Boston come together to continue the effort to Feed America. This is at the core of Armenian Assembly’s objective to bring our community together in a meaningful way,” stated Assembly Co-Chair Anthony Barsamian.

“Starting with our strong community in southern California, Boston and other communities continue to organize and raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide while giving back to those in need during the current state of emergency. I share with all of you my respect and thanks to all those who contributed to this effort throughout the country,” Barsamian added.

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