Artsakh’s response to Azerbaijani ceasefire violations has been “painful”

Artsakh’s Defense Ministry says the response of the Artsah Army to the recent ceasefire violations initiated by the Azerbaijani side have been painful in recent weeks.

“Most likely, this is the reason why for several days now, the leadership of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, in particular, the Minister of Defense, has been regularly visiting the frontline, trying to somehow inspire their demoralized soldiers,” the Ministry said in  statement.

The Azerbaijani Defense Minister visited the north-eastern and eastern parts of the line of contact on May 4, which was fully monitored by the relevant services of the Defense Army.

Artsakh Defense Army says it adheres to the requirements stemming from the UN Secretary-General’s call to maintain the ceasefire under the conditions of Covid-19 pandemic, but notes that any movement of the enemy on the front lines, including on the highest level, is under the control of the relevant Defense Army services, and the troops are ready to take necessary steps based on the situation.

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