Recovering from COVID-19: Footage from inside the hospital

Getting recovered from Covid-19. In a video shared by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, patients are sharing their experience of battling the new type of coronavirus.

Gagik Barseghyan says he was taken to hospital in serious condition, but feels healthy after a week.

“They are so careful that I feel at home,” the man tells of the medical staff.

Mihran Varzhapetyan spent five days at intensive care. Now, that he is recovering from the disease, he calls on everyone to be very cautious.

Antonia Vartanyan expresses gratitude to doctors for their life-saving efforts and prays that God keep them safe.

Karine Tonoyan works at hospital and contracted the virus, despite using all personal protective measures. The doctor admits she could have made a mistake under the conditions of 24-hour work. She’s now eager to get well and return to her professional duties.

Grigor Babujyan says “our suffering should become a call to soberness for others.”

Patents recovering from coronavirus call on others to keep social distance and follow all other recommendations.

Although doctors miss their families after weeks at work, they say the recovery of every patient is a victory.

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