Armenia commemorated the Genocide loudly, but without lament – PM

The events organized on the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide are a vivid example of how the crisis can be turned into an opportunity, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says.

“Amid the coronavirus crisis, it seemed unreal to ban citizens from visiting the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial, but otherwise the spread of the virus would get out of control. And we decided to use the crisis as an opportunity,” the Prime Minister said through Facebook Live

“On April 24 we told our story without shouting, we commemorated the memory of martyrs very loudly and visibly but without lament,” he added.

According to PM Pashinyan, on that day we set a new civilizational benchmark of how we can tell about ourselves.

The Prime Minister said some components of this year’s commemoration will be used in the coming years.

This year the traditional match to the Tsitsernakaberd hill was replaced by a “virtual pilgrimage” to the Armenian Genocide Memorial.

The names of all people who sent messages to 1915 short number from Armenia and 0037433191500 from abroad were projected on the columns of the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial throughout the concert that started at 10 pm and continued until dawn.

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