Latvian parliamentary forces share tribute to Armenian Genocide victims

The New Conservative Party of Latvia, one o the Largest political forces in the country and part of the ruling coalition has issued a statement on the Armenian Genocide, Armenia’s Ambassador to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia Tigran Mkrtchyan informs.

“April 24th is the Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide when Latvia and many countries of the world express solidarity with the Armenian nation that mourns and remebers the victims of the genocide,” the Party said.

“The memory of Armenians and others who fell victim to the genocides of the 20th century is sacred. Mass killings of people should not be repeated in the future. Preserving and maintaining the historical memory is important for the whole humankind,” the statement reads.

“On this day we stand in solidarity with the Armenian people and bow our heads before the victims of the Genocide,” the New Conservative Party stated.

The Attīstībai/Par! political alliance, which also forms part of the ruling coalition said “the memory of this genocide is essential not only for the Armenian people, but also for all of us, to ensure that the massacres and atrocities of the 20th century are never repeated.”

“Remembering the tragedies of the past is one of the means by which we, individually and together as a nation, can resist hatred, prejudice and intolerance today,” the alliance said.

“As a sign of solidarity with the Armenian people, the political alliance “Attīstībai/Par!” commemorate one of the worst tragedies of the last century – the Armenian genocide,” it added.

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