Latvian, Lithuanian lawmakers pay tribute to Armenian Genocide victims

The Secretary of the Saeima (Parliament) Presidium of Latvia, Deputy Chairman of the Group for promoting cooperation with the Parliament of Armenia in the Latvian Parliament Andrejs Klementjevs on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide sent a message to Ararat Mirzoyan, President of the National Assembly of Armenia, the Armenian Embassy in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia informs.

“As Deputy Chairman of the Saeima Group for promoting cooperation with the Parliament of Armenia, I would like to express my solidarity with you personally, the National Assembly of Armenia, and the Armenian people in remembrance of the tragic events that took place in April 105 years ago,” Andrejs Klementjevs said in the message.

He assured that the Parliament of Latvia stands with Armenia, paying tribute to the victims and observing the Armenian Genocide Memorial Day on 24 April.

“It is of great importance to remember and commemorate these tragic events. Our countries are similar in the very difficult history they have experienced, helping us understand the pain of the Armenian people,” Andrejs Klementjevs added.

Guoda Burokienė, head of the Lithuanian Seimas’ Group for Inter-Parliamentary Relations (Friendship Group) with the Republic of Armenia, said “the tragedy has not been forgotten.

“Lithuania, like many other countries, has recognized the genocide of the Armenian nation. Humankind must be aware of the tragedy to ensure that similar history does not repeat itself. The Armenians, who have been scattered around the world by the tragedy, build active communities that foster close links and keep history alive,” she said in a statement.

“In this difficult time of the global fight against the pandemic and of the deepening social isolation, we should maintain unity, demonstrate international solidarity, and foster our historical memory. I take this opportunity to express to you, Dear Friends, my wishes of strong health, hope, and perseverance,” Guoda Burokienė added.

The Lithuanian Seimas friendship group with the Parliament of Armenia was formed after the 2016 Parliamentary elections and with its 46 members is considered one of the largest groups.

The Lithuanian Seimas officially recognized the Armenian Genocide in December 15, 2005.

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