Coronavirus doubling rate in Armenia slows down to 17 days

The doubling rate of COVID-19 cases in Armenia has slowed down to 17 days, Health Minister Arsen Torosyan informs.

“If the pace is maintained, we’ll have 2,500 cases on May 4 and 5,000 cases on May 21,” the Minister said in a Facebook post.

“And the task for all of us remains the same: to break the pace of spread and the circles of spread of the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the transmission of the disease from person to person by keeping a social distance everywhere, changing the behavior of close contact with each other to long-distance communication, as well as frequent hand washing and disinfection and avoiding touching the face as much as possible,” Arsen Torosyan said.

He noted that increasing the testing capacity to 1,000 tests per day has been a complex and multi-component process, and never before had so many PCR tests been performed in the country.

“This complex process includes five main components: specialists, equipment, biosecurity, logistics, electronic system, the proper provision of each of which has required great efforts from our specialists. Such capacities will always be needed for our country to face such challenges in the future,” the Health Minister said.

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