Armath engineering labs provide 2,600 face shields to medical institutions in Armenia and Javakhk

Armath Engineering Laboratories across Armenia have made over 2,600 face shields and provided them to 50 medical institutions in all regions of Armenia and four medical centers in Javakhk.

The masks have been 3D printed by 72 coaches. Armath avoids involving students in the process not to put them at risk. However, if necessary, many of the students could manage the process on their own, based on the knowledge gained at Armath.

“Armath has proved that its concept is efficient and correctly chosen. Spread across Armenia, the labs not only allow to train qualified professionals in all regions, but also to use both the knowledge and the tools provided by Armath for the welfare of the society during emergency,” says Karen Vardanyan, Executive Director of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE).

UATE undertook to establish the Armath Engineering Laboratories educational program in 2011. UATE has started the process of exporting the Armenian model of technology education all over the world. As of January 2020, 575 engineering laboratories operate on the territory of Armenia, Republic of Artsakh and Georgia. Around 15,000 students get free engineering education.

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