Armenia has not requested Turkey’s assistance in fighting COVID-19 – MFA

Armenia has not requested assistance from Turkey in fighting COVID-19, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anna Naghdalyan informs.

She says the cooperation with Turkish authorities has been limited to the organization of the transportation of Armenian nationals from the country. 

“Armenia is making consistent efforts to repatriate its nationals, especially from countries heavily hit by the new coronavirus,” Naghdalyan said in a statement.

She noted that in this context officials of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs cooperated with relevant authorities in Turkey and Georgia to organize the return of 73 citizens.

“Cooperation with the Turkish side has been limited to this framework, and Armenia has not asked for any other support outside this framework,” the Spokesperson noted.

“Given Turkey’s continued land blockade of Armenia and the lack of diplomatic relations, the two countries’ cooperation opportunities are significantly limited and require real goodwill and confidence-building,” she noted.

Unfortunately, she said, “some of the statements made by the Turkish side in the context of the fight against coronavirus do not contribute to the depoliticized and humanitarian environment of cooperation.”

“Particularly regrettable is the disrespectful treatment and unnecessary politicization of the assistance provided to Armenia by third countries, friendship between peoples  and national symbols,” Naghdalyan stated.

The statement comes after Turkey claimed Armenia had requested for assistance in the fight against coronavirus.

Besides, Turkey asked China to clarify the notes on the aid packages sent to Armenia.

On April 9 Armenia received a large number of medical supplies and equipment from China.

The Armenian government paid for most of the supplies. The cargo also included donations by China’s authorities and by Armenian and Chinese philanthropists.

“May our Friendship be higher than Mount Ararat and longer than Yangtze River,” read a note on some of the parcels.

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