Armenia’s Health Minister offers extending the state of emergency

Health Minister Arsen Torosyan will offer the government to extend the state of emergency.

“We see decline in the number of new confirmed cases over the past days, which is a direct result of the state of emergency and the stricter measures that have been in place for the past two weeks,” the Minister told a press conference today.

He added, however that we should not feel relaxed and think that everything is over.

“Along with lower numbers, we have diversity in sources, The confirmed coronavirus cases are from geographically different places. Therefore, it will take time to break the chains,” the Minister said.

He added that the incubation period of the new coronavirus is rather long. It gets out of the organism very slowly, even in cases the patients show no symptoms.

Therefore, he said we must be on the alert and maintain and even expand the scope of actions we have been doing so far. These include identification of the infected patients and their treatment, isolation of their contacts until there is medicine for treating the disease or a vaccine.

Before that, the Minister said, the task is to have a controllable number of patents to allow the health system to treat them. Otherwise, we’ll face a disastrous situation when the health system will be unable to respond, he added.

Armenia has so far confirmed 937 cases of coronavirus, 149 people have recovered. Twelve deaths have been reported.

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