Remembering the roots: Kourtney Kardashian reflects on trip to Armenia

As traveling is on hold, Kourtney Kardashian has taken time to reflect on her trip to Armenia with kids and sister Kim last October.

“We were lucky enough to visit Armenia, and to do some really significant things in such a short time. A big part of this trip was visiting the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, and getting our kids baptized there,” Kardashian said in a piece for POOSH.

“It’s not only the first-ever church in Armenia, but is thought to be the first-ever cathedral in the world because Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity. It was such a powerful feeling being there,” Kourtney writes, adding that “having the kids baptized there made us feel reverent and humble, and like the right way to help our kids honor their roots.”

She then hailed Armenia’s aspiration to grow in a technology hub, and praised the trend that sees many women start their businesses

“I watched my kids as we drove around the city, and I could tell that they were really taking things in and soaking it up, quietly listening to stories about our family. They also loved the story about how Noah’s Ark had supposedly landed on the huge mountain in Armenia, Ararat. I think that was exciting for them and made them feel proud to be connected to the country in some way,” Kourtney continued.

She said “showing them the Armenian Genocide Memorial was sobering, and I think it’s something they will remember for a long time.”

“It seemed important to recognize this historical event with them—it’s something that we don’t talk or read about in the history books as much as we should, but it’s part of our ancestry” she added.

Kourtney says she was excited to dine with Armenian President, his wife and son at a beautiful, official government home.

“Even though we did a lot in a short time, I definitely will be coming back with my family to experience more of this country. We still have a lot more history to explore,” Kourtney concluded.

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