Being Armenian is promising: Five facts to make Diaspora youth proud

The Diaspora High Commissioner’s Office has presented five facts that will make the Diaspora youth feel proud.

“There are a lot of reasons that Diaspora youth should be proud of Armenia, and these five facts are no exception!,” reads a post on the Office’s Facebook page.

Leading international organizations have recognized the Homeland in a variety of positive ways:
? In 2019, Armenia was included in the list of the safest countries in the world, tied for 6th-7th place with Switzerland.
?Last year, we had the highest economic growth in the European and EEU region – 7.6%.
? A number of prestigious magazines, including Forbes, have included Armenia in the list of top 2020 tourism destinations.
?According to Freedom House, an international human rights organization, Armenia is one of the leaders in Internet freedom worldwide – sharing the 8th position with France.
?We have also been rated 7th out of 46 countries in the Happiness Index.

Therefore, the High Commissioner’s Office says “being Armenian is really promising and exciting” for these reasons and many more.

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