Armenia, Israel to consider possible cooperation in medical engineering

Dr. Asher Salmon, Director of the International Relations Department of the Israeli Ministry of Health, who coordinates the anti-COVID-19 measures in the country, has briefed President Armen Sarkissian on the steps taken in Israel to overcome the coronavirus epidemic.

The issue of Israel’s possible assistance to Armenia was discussed, Armenia’s needs were clarified during the phone conversation.

President Sarkissian and Dr. Salmon agreed that a video conference will be organized between Armenia and Israeli specialists in the coming days to clarify specific directions of further cooperation and take practical steps.

During the telephone conversation, President Sarkissian also touched upon the steps taken towards the development of medical engineering in Armenia and the possible cooperation with Israel in this sphere. Israel has a modern medicine and a developed healthcare system that can be instructive for Armenia., he said.

Last week Armenia’s Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan and Dr. Asher Salmon, Coordinator of Israel on COVID 19 issues discussed the experience of the two countries in the fight against coronavirus and agreed to continue professional contacts. Israel’s experience in combating coronavirus can be beneficial for Armenia.

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