Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams drink Armenian brandy during home isolation

23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams has shared a video in Instagram stories, showing her and husband Alexis Ohanian drinking Armenian brandy during home isolation.

“Guys, I’m not a big fan of drink, but my husband came home with this 23- year-old Armenian brandy, so we’ll drink a glass. Can’t remember when I last drank, that was a long time ago,” said Serena.

Reddit and Initialized Capital co-founder Alexis Ohanian unveiled the Armenian Shakmat brandy in collaboration with Flaviar in 2018.

“The time has come for Armenian brandy to reclaim its rightful place on the World Spirits map. A hidden gem of flavor and tradition, its recognition is long overdue,” Ohanian then said. 

Shakmat (or shakhmat) is the Armenian word for chess.

“But our Shakmat is so much more than a game. It is a symbol. A symbol of life, persistence, patience, and wisdom of a people that do not fall, even when held in check,” Alexis says. 

Shakmat 23 Year Old is a premium brandy originating from the birthplace of winemaking. It is an embodiment of Armenia’s two national treasures – Chess and Konyak.

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