Medical facilities in Armenia to be equipped with new beds and equipment to serve coronavirus patients

Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan has visited different medical facilities that have been designated to serve patients with coronavirus.

According to the Minister, the Nork Infectious Clinical Hospital will soon be equipped with 151 regular and 13 intensive care beds. Another 40 beds will be placed in a newly constructed modular building for patients waiting to be tested.

A computed tomography machine will be installed at the Infection Hospital to detect coronavirus pneumonia early.

Torosyan said the Police Hospital will be equipped with 170 regular and 14 intensive care beds.

The orthopedics center will soon have 140 regular and 16 intensive care beds.

Seventy-six regular and 48 intensive care beds will be deployed in the St. Astvatsatsin Maternity Hospital in Malatia-Sebastia district.

“We currently have 41 lung ventilation devices specifically for coronavirus patients, none of which are still in use,” the Health Minister informed.

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