Armenia orders more closure to curb the spread of COVID-19

The Commandant’s Office met under the chairmanship of Commandant Tigran Avinyan today to discuss further restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus in the Republic of Armenia.

Tigran Avinyan said that only urgent services, shops and pharmacies will be allowed to work during the coming seven days.

He noted that the measures taken so far have been effective and a tighter seven-day regime aims to help maintain control of the situation and keep developing tools to detect and prevent infection chains.

“Restrictions on the movement of citizens will be imposed, and we should try to abide by the self-isolation regime. Therefore, we will introduce new mechanisms that will allow to limit the movement of citizens and will call on our citizens to remain self-isolated to give us time to update our tools and continue the effective fight against the coronavirus,” Avinyan stated.

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