Armenian Parliament approves penalties for breach of state of emergency rules

The Armenian National Assembly voted unanimously today to adopt amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia and the Code of Administrative Abuses at second reading.

Under the changes, violating the rules of isolation or self-isolation during a state of emergency shall results in a fine of 100-250 thousand drams.

The breach of the rules that has negligently caused another person to be infected will lead to a fine amounting to 300-500 thousand drams or a maximum one-month detention.

Infecting two or more people or causing a serious harm to their health will result in a fine of 500-700 thousand drams, detention for 1-3 months or imprisonment for up to two years.

Causing a person’s death will be punished with an imprisonment of 2-4 years.

Deliberately infecting people with the new type of coronavirus is subject to stricter penalties, with different penalties envisaged for infecting two or more persons, a minor, a pregnant woman, as well as for deaths resulting from the infection.

The changes also envisage fines for publishing information banned under the state of emergency.

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