140 Armenians stranded at Russian-Georgian border allowed to head home

About 140 Armenian nationals stranded at the Upper Lars checkpoint at Russian-Georgian border were allowed to head to Armenia through the Georgian territory, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs.

This one-time transfer of the citizens of Armenia was carried out by 5 buses and 4 minibuses. Thanks to the efforts of the Consulate General of Armenia in Rostov-on-Don, the cars of the Armenia citizens were deployed in a special parking area with 24-hours surveillance.

The arrangement became possible as a result of negotiations with Russian and Georgian counterparts and thanks to their good will, the Foreign Ministry says

“We reiterate that according to the decision of the Government of Georgia, foreign nationals, including the citizens of Armenia, cannot enter the territory of Georgia, including through the Upper Lars checkpoint. The Upper Lars checkpoint is open exclusively for cargo transport, as well as to Russian and Georgian citizens returning to their homeland from the Russian Federation and Georgia respectively,” the Ministry reminds.

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