Armenia reports five more cases of coronavirus

Five more coronavirus cases were reported in Armenia as of 09:00 am. Doctors assess the health of all patients as satisfactory.

In total, 115 cases have been registered at this time. One patient has recovered and discharged from hospital.

he results of the epidemiological analysis of the results show that 99 cases are correlated with the two primary cases in Etchmiadzin and the production facility in Yerevan

The Ministry of Health again calls to:

  • Stay at home,
  • Limit your contacts,
  • Follow personal hygiene,
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds, especially before eating and after getting home,
  • Reduce access to public transport as far as possible;
  • In case of contact keep at least 1 meter distance,
  • Contact your doctor if you have flu-like symptoms,
  • If you have returned from countries where the epidemic is tense, isolate yourself for 14 days,
  • Periodically measure your fever and inform the doctor about the results,
  • Do not panic and follow your doctor’s advice.
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