Russian Parliament sets stage for Putin to be reelected in 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not ruled out running for president again beyond 2024, when his term ends.

The Russian President says a suggestion by MPs that would see presidential terms reset, thus allowing him to run again in 2024, would be acceptable should it be supported by citizens and approved by the Constitutional Court.

“I believe and am deeply convinced that a strong presidential power is absolutely necessary for our country,” Putin stated in his address to the State Duma.

However, the public should have guarantees that elections – including presidential elections – are competitive and there is also an alternative.”

The amendments addressed by Mr Putin were put forward by MP Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. The State Duma voted to approve the proposed amendments.

Tereshkova suggested that Putin’s tenure be reset, making him eligible for two more runs before he would be subject to the new restrictions.

While respecting the two-term limitation, the proposal still enables a person who has served and (or) serves as president of Russia at the time this amendment entered into force “to participate as a candidate in the [next] presidential election.”

Russia will hold a “public vote” on 22 April to decide if constitutional changes will go ahead.

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