Road to Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem being renovated

The Jerusalem Municipality is renovating the road from Jaffa Gate, passing Zion Gate towards the Jewish Quarter, which is one of the main entrances to the Old City, and also the main entrance to the Armenian Patriarchate.

The renovation is part of a larger road construction project, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem informs.

The road surface of Armenian Patriarchate Road had become quite uneven, as well as the cobblestones of pedestrian area in front of the gate of St James Monastery.

The Jerusalem Municipality therefore decided to renew these roads, a decision the Armenian Patriarchate was immediately in favor of. The Municipality planned to do renovation and renewal on the road around the clock, and only partial closures of the road, in a way that the Armenian Quarter would stay accessible.

At the end of January this year, after Armenian Christmas, part of the Armenian Patriarchate Road from the Kishle was closed, and entrance and exit were temporary through Zion Gate.

The renovation has almost been completed. In front of the main entrance to the Armenian Monastery there will be greenery and benches.

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