Armenia a must-visit destination in 2020 – Singapore Tatler

There are a few elements that need to come together for a destination to rise in collective travelers’ consciousness, and that build-up has been happening to Armenia, the Singapore Tatler writes.

Armenia has already been featured on Kim Kardashian’s account, who visited the country in October 2019 to baptize her children and get to know her Armenian heritage better, author Kissa Castañeda notes.

She has taken an 8-day trip to Yerevan and Tbilisi and the picturesque passes of the Caucasus Mountain range.

“The myriad architectural styles are remnants of Yerevan’s long history, which is one of the oldest cities in the world at 2801 years. While it appears like a haphazard mix on the surface, it is actually well thought out thanks to architect Alexander Tamanian. The mastermind behind Yerevan’s urban planning, he is credited for modernizing the capital in the 1920s; he even made sure the Neoclassical buildings he built overlook the majestic Mount Ararat,” the article reads.

“With streets radiating like the sun from the glorious Republic Square, Yerevan is designed for flânerie,” Castañeda writes.

She notes that the city also has an up-and-coming food scene that largely features the local bounty.

“We enjoyed supremely made lavash, a staple on the Armenian table, with local cheese and a wide variety of salads featuring organic herbs and greens. The healthy spread is best enjoyed with crisp Armenian water, streaming down from the mountains. The high quality of water is the basis of one of the country’s biggest exports—brandy,” the author continues.  

She says that to experience Armenia’s deep history one, must venture outside the city to see the ancient temples, churches and monasteries dotting the country.

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