Turkey reacts to Armenia’s 5-star quarantine

The Turkish NTV has reacted to Armenia’s 5-star quarantine at the luxurious Golden Palace Hotel in the resort town of Tsakhkadzor.

The website notes that peoples suspected of contacting the only coronavirus patient in the country have been accommodated in a  5-star luxury hotel.

NTV also notes that the citizens are supplied with everything necessary,

“Our countrymen, isolated because of the coronavirus, are being supplied with everything needed, including food, at a 5 star hotel… Their contacts with the outside world are ruled out,” NTV quotes Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan as saying.

Russia Today writes, in turn, that “while in some countries, repatriated coronavirus patients are met with stones and threats, in Armenia, they have so far received drastically different treatment.”

On Sunday the Armenian Prime Minister shared footage of medics in hazmat suits handing out meals to people in posh suites. There are no other guests at the hotel except for those being quarantined.


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